Birth Advocacy Wristbands

These wristbands are similar in principle to the Causes wristbands made of rubber that you can find just about anywhere, except for a few key differences which make them so cool.

Birth Advocacy wristbands are handcrafted wristbands made of genuine leather, cut, stamped, dyed and finished by yours truly in my family workshop and are dedicated to my passion for birth. Each one is custom, no machines or fancy stamping presses, just me and the most basic of leather crafting tools. The bands are fastened in the back with braided leather cording, making them quite adjustable and easy to fit.

Each wristband is stamped with a word or two related to birth, whether it be a passion, profession or accomplishment. Below is a list of wristbands I've made in the past or plan to offer in the immediate future. If you'd like a wristband custom made please don't hesitate to contact me, I am more than happy to fashion one especially for you.

Current list of bands:


If there's something you'd like stamped or you believe would be great to add to the list please let me know, up to fifteen or so letters/spaces. I can sometimes add fancy decorative stamps, studs, clasps or other embellishments for a little more. Wristbands typically measure about 3/4ths" wide by 6-7" long but will vary. Specific measurements my be requested when ordering.

These wristbands are unique to and made specially for SArenity ~ Wise Birth Services and cost for a wristband is usually around $25 based on what is desired.

I also offer to stamp the name of a child lost in childbirth for parents at no cost. Please inquire if you have experienced loss in childbirth and desire a wristband to honor your baby, or know someone who has and would appreciate a wristband as a gift.

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