Reviews shared by families and providers whom I have served. These testimonials are listed by whether a mother, father or care provider/peer (Midwife, OB, Nurse, Doula, Childbirth Educator, etc.) provided the testimonial.

From Mothers...

This was an awsome experience! Kelly encapsulated my placenta, which has many health benefits. She also made prints of it on paper. My sister later added water color to the prints creating bearutiful art pieces and memorabilia. Skylyn will have pictures of her first home forever!! I strongly reccomend her services!

~Jacquelyn Holt

Kelly is Amazing...if you know anyone who is expecting, pass along her name. She was my Doula and I do not know if I could have handled it as well without her. My husband said Kelly MADE the experience a GREAT one and he is now an advocate of having a Doula, namely Kelly!

~Adelle Withheld

I called Kelly as soon as the first contraction hurt. She was there very shortly after. Her support and knowledge throughout my difficult labor and delivery was more than I could have ever asked. she made a great focal point and was there with every contraction reminding me to breath and relax.

~Elizabeth Lee

From Fathers...

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Letters of Love...

Letters of Love are a little different in that these are notes or letters I receive which weren't necessarily given as testimonials, but the author has agreed to let me share their note.

Offering Testimonials

It's always heartwarming to receive affirmations and kind words from families and providers I have served, and listed below and on the contact page are ways you can share your thoughts about your experience with me. Please be sure if you send anything directly to me that you note whether or not I may share your letter via my website, social networking sites or print materials.

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