TENS Unit Rental

In a number of countries outside the United States TENS units are wildly used at births for pain management during labor, especially by women with a desire to avoid or delay the use of epidural or narcotics. For some women TENS provides the type comfort they are looking for during their labor. Another use for TENS for labor is to stimulate/augment labor.

The TENS unit currently available for rent is the EMPI EPIX VT Dual Channel TENS Unit

About TENS Units in Labor - Pain Management

A TENS unit produces a small electrical charge which triggers nerves, and during labor this sensation can suppress or lessen the messages of pain headed to the brain from contractions, as well as encouraging additional endorphin production. A TENS unit use does not replace the use of an epidural or narcotics, but it may provide enough pain relief for some women to delay or avoid the use of drugs altogether, depending on how well the mother copes with TENS and other comfort techniques she is receptive to. Many women who have used TENS in labor find it works well when started in early or latent labor up until transition, and that the earlier the TENS unit is utilized the more effective both in degree and duration this method of pain relief is.

For further information regarding pain management with a TENS unit visit:

About TENS Units in Labor - Stimulating Labor

A TENS unit may also be used to stimulate labor when electrodes are placed on pressure points known to encourage active contractions or the nipples and a low-level current is applied. This technique can be employed prior to the onset of labor in an attempt to begin labor or during labor in the event contractions have slowed or stalled.

For further information regarding stimulating labor with a TENS unit visit:
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Terms Of Use

In addition to the rental fee when renting a TENS unit from Serenity ~ Wise Birth Services the renter is responsible for consulting with their healthcare provider prior to renting or using the TENS unit, learning how to properly use the device in labor, placing the electrodes and controlling the TENS unit during use.

Rental Fees:

One Week: $30
Two Weeks: $50
One Month: $75

Rental fee includes one set of new packaged electrodes for you to keep.

Doula Clients

I keep the TENS unit inside my doula bag, and doula clients may use the TENS unit during their labor with the Terms Of Use stated above for $15, if the unit isnít already rented out.

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