Birth Doula - Labor Support

I support women throughout labor, helping them to create a positive birth experience. Services rendered as a birth doula usually include a number of prenatal appointments, presence throughout labor and postpartum visits. See Doula Services for more details!

Childbirth Education Classes - Brio Birth

Brio Birth is a comprehensive childbirth education program which combines the best of natural childbirth and an understanding of modern birth to create something which promotes the best experience possible for mothers, babies and families. For more information such as cost, schedule and locations visit the Childbirth Education page.

Placenta Encapsulation

Placenta Encapsulation may have a number of benefits for postpartum women including increased energy, increased milk supply and decreased postpartum depression and decreased postpartum hemorrhage. Check out Placenta Encapsulation for further info.

TENS Unit Rentals

In a number of countries outside the US TENS units are wildly used for pain management during labor, especially by women with a desire to avoid or delay the use of epidural or narcotics. For many women TENS provides the type of option they are looking for during their labor. More information about rentals can be found in the TENS Unit Rental page.

Birth Advocacy Wristbands

Birth Advocacy Bracelets are handcrafted with leather and stamped with your passion, profession or accomplishment. These bracelets are hand stamped, rather than machined and can say a number of things including DOULA, MIDWIFE, VBAC, LACTIVIST, DONA, TRUST BIRTH or any other message which fits the space. Visit the Birth Advocacy Wristbands page for all the options available.

Birth & Baby Keepsakes

I offer a number of different keepsakes from birth and baby, including Tree of Life Prints (Placenta Prints), Umbilical Cord Bracelets, Hand/Foot prints, Placenta Parchment and Written Birth Accounts (or Letters To Baby). For pictures and additional details see the Keepsakes page.

Mother & Birth jewelry

Mother Rings with birthstone beads for each child, Bead Ceremony necklaces/bracelets, Mother's Necklaces and virtually anything else which comes off my jeweler's bench celebrating birth and motherhood. To view images of the jewelry Iíve produced visit the Jewelry page.

Future Products & Services

Currently I'm considering adding belly casting, TENS unit for use in labor (for direct use with Doula clients) and birth photography to my various products and services. If you'd like to see any of these product or services added, or would like to make a suggestion for a product or service for SArenity ~ Wise Birth Services please let me know!

Birth Announcements!!