Placenta Keepsakes

Tree of Life or Placenta Prints

Most people don't know that the umbilical cord and vein structure attached to a placenta makes this amazing tree design, often called The Tree of Life. The cord acts as the trunk, then when it meets the inside of amniotic bag the veins branch out like limbs of a tree. If I have access to your placenta postpartum I am more than happy to create a print of this design from your placenta. Cost is usually minimal to cover supplies, or free if I am already encapsulating for you.

Umbilical Cord Ring - Cord Preservation

Cords can be wound into a ring or shaped into a heart before dehydration, preserving the cord. For a fancier option we can make a bracelet out of the cord and wrap fabrics of your choosing around the outside to make it a beautiful keepsake piece. Costs may vary depending on methods used. Basic preservation is free with placenta encapsulation.

Placenta Parchment - Membrane Preservation

For those having their Placenta Encapsulated in many cases the membrane which is attached to the placenta can be preserved, making a very interesting film-like parchment. If you're encapsulating with me and are interested in preserving some of the membrane simply let me know and I'll be happy to do so.

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