Placenta Jewelry

Heart Shape (Complex Design)

Preserve a small piece of baby's first home and lifeline from within your womb! Beautiful resin casts containing a piece of your baby's placenta are poured into handmade sterling silver dish pendants. These pendants are gorgeous keepsakes which capture the miracle of life that can be worn and cherished as precious family heirloom.

Loose Powder / Free Form

In most cases placenta can be placed in the resin in a design, if desired, such as a heart, circle or spiral and you may provide the placenta in just about any form: fresh, frozen, dehydrated piece, ground pieces or powder. Since each pendant is cast by hand each is an unique work of art fashioned with your amazing placenta.

Circle (Simple Design)
You may also have other small items included in the resin if there is space such as a lock of hair, a drop of milk, small bits of herbs, tiny flowers or anything else you can imagine. You can also even provide your own piece of jewelry if it is suitable for resin casting, like a locket, bottle or dish pendant.

Circle (Simple Design)

With Encapsulation: $75 Loose Free Form / $85 Simple / $100 Complex
Without Encapsulation: $125 Loose Free Form / $135 Simple / $150 Complex
Additional Inclusions: $10
Additional Jewelry Pieces: $35
Discount for providing suitable jewelry piece for casting: -$25
Custom designed jewelry by quote.

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