Mother & Birth Jewelry

Mother's Rings

Using a birthstone bead for each child I craft a lovely silver, copper, brass or gold wire wrapped ring. This beautiful ring is well balanced and works best with a mother honoring 3-4 children, though it can be made for a mother of fewer or more children. Pictured is a ring I created for myself for single child, but added a bead on either side for my husband and I as parents, making this particular ring a family ring. (Kitty's birthstone is a peridot and my husband and I both have aquamarine as our birth stone.)

Cost: $25-$50

Bead Ceremony Necklace or Bracelet

Here in the valley many mothers are guests of honor at Bead Ceremonies during Birth Circles. Bead Ceremonies are when each person present at the meeting chooses a bead for the expecting mother then strings their bead on a collective strand of beads passed around the group, each member offering the mother a well wish or blessing. From this strand of beads I can make a wire wrapped necklace or bracelet, which each bead being wire wrapped to the next, creating a goregous piece if jewelry a mother can wear. I can also arrange a bead ceremony for an expecting mother, a mother celebrating her birth or mother anniversary, though we will need four weeks to plan the ceremony.

Bracelet: $35
Necklace: $55
Ceremony: $100

SA Charm

The SA is an ancient Egyptian hieroglyph meaning "protection" and is held by the goddess Taweret, protectress of pregnant mothers and children. This little SA charm is about one inch in length and is made from sterling silver wire.

Cost: $7

SA Bead

An artisan made lampwork bead with the SA hieroglyph.

Cost: $20

Mother's Cameo Necklace

A stunning pregnant mother cameo necklace handcrafted from Italian glass by an artisan in New York. Small dangles are then added for each baby mother has.

Cost: $65

Baby Birth Bead

An Italian lampwork bead for your beautiful baby, either with his or her birth flower or an adaptation of the baby's birthstone.

Cost: $25

Goddess Bead

Honor your sacrid goddess! These amazing goddess beads are beautiful and curvy with the hole traveling down the length of the goddesses' body.


Mama Bead

These sweet Mama beads have holes which go straight through the arms and torso, making a fun focal. You can choose hair, dress, skin and sash colors to match you or a mama you cherish.

Cost: $50

Coming Soon!

Lampwork Placenta & Embryo lampwork beads, sterling silver International Breastfeeding Symbol and Intactivist pendants all in the works, and ideas for future jewelry designs are always welcome.

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