Doula Services

I offer services as a birth doula throughout the valley, and it is important to me that your birth experience is a positive one. Every woman is worthy of a beautiful and serene birth and the wisdom to make informed decisions throughout her labor.

My typical Birth Doula Package includes the following:

Introduction interview - FREE
This interview is for all potential clients and is free of charge. I want an opportunity for us to meet with absolutely no obligation. It is vital that the birth doula you choose is one which you feel absolutely comfortable with, as she will help guide you through your labor. An interview with several doulas is the best way to ensure you've picked the right one for you!

Prenatal appointments
Usually you will have an appointment per month until you deliver, with one about a week before your due date. The purpose of these appointments is to discuss your ideal birth, work on a birth plan which fits your needs and ensure we go over various comfort measures which may help during labor. Education and discussion about birth and your options is a big part of the prenatal appointments, you are encouraged to ask questions and have your partner attend if they wish. Prenatal appoints are in the comfort of your own home, or wherever else you feel most comfortable discussing your birth. I am also happy to meet your care provider as one of your appointments.

Prenatal support throughout your labor
Clients may call, email or message me throughout pregnancy for questions and support. Typically I answer questions promptly, usually immediately but at the very least within 24 hours unless I provide notice about "time off" beforehand. I do ask that calls of a non-urgent nature be limited to the extended business hours of 8am to 8pm.

Childbirth Education
My prenatal appointments usually include plenty of childbirth education in order to supplement the education a couple is usually already receiving. In the event further childbirth education is needed private classes may be arranged on a case by case basis.

On-call the two weeks surrounding your due date
You may call me any time day or night and I will be in town and readily available for your birth during this time, unless otherwise disclosed ahead of time. Giving birth outside of this period does not in any way nullify my services, this specified period simply ensures that I will remain in town and ready to serve you.

Labor support throughout your entire labor
When you believe you are in labor please take a few moments to give me a call. Usually mothers do not ask for support in early labor but it's good to let me know what's going on, that way I have the opportunity to make personal arrangements for my family well before you need me. Once you feel like you want additional support call me again to let me know and I'll come right over, usually within the hour. I stay with you for at least one hour after your baby is born and until you are both comfortable.

Postpartum visits
Typically we will have one to three postpartum visits. A day or two after your birth I will schedule a visit for the following day to ensure you and baby are adjusting well and that you are comfortable. We can then visit about a week later to talk about your birth, how you feel about your experience. There is also an optional third postpartum visit for mothers who have further questions or need additional postpartum support.

Breastfeeding support
I have extensive knowledge and experience breastfeeding and can provide support to mothers choosing to breastfeed. If a mother has significant difficulties breastfeeding there are number of excellent resources I am able to refer mothers to in order to get a breastfeeding relationship back on track.

Clients also have access to my Lending Library, my list of Referrals & Resources and receive significant discounts on other services I provide such as Placenta Encapsulation and Childbirth Education Classes.

My Fee

My fee as a birth doula is $1,000, with $500 due upon selecting and signing me as your doula as a retainer fee with the remaining balance due by two weeks of your estimated due date, if you are not paying in full at signing. I do have a NPI number (National Provider Identifier number) and am happy to submit to any insurance provider for possible reimbursement. A total fee of $1,000 is billed to insurance for potential reimbursement.

If financial constraints are a concern please contact me so we can discuss options. If you have a special circumstance such as being a single mother, mother expecting loss, relinquishing mother, mother whose partner is deployed, mother in a low-income household or a teen mother take the time to browse my Wise Charity Services page for more information about the services I may be able to provide you.

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