Wise Charity Services

As a doula I embrace the vision of DONA International "A doula for every woman who wants one." It is with this vision in mind that I offer my services at discounted rates or even volunteer free of charge in certain circumstances. Discounted or volunteer services do not affect my professionalism while rendering services, all clients are treated with compassion and respect regardless of how much they pay for my services.

It is important to remember, however, that I do support my own family as a birth professional. Because of this how often I provide discounted or free services will be determined by my availability and ability to work for free based on incoming finances. It is helpful to offer referrals, positive reviews or testimonials and promote my services to others if you are receiving a discount, that way I can afford to serve you and others in need as much as possible. I also ask for honesty and integrity when requesting discounted or free services, along with respect and humility as your birth professional.

Discounted Services

Single mothers, teen mothers, relinquishing mothers and mothers in low-income households may qualify for a discounted rate depending on my availability and ability to provide discounted services. If I am unable to offer my services to you at a discount I may be able to provide you with referrals for finding the care you deserve.

Free Services

For mothers who are expecting loss or whose partner is deployed I am honored to provide my services for free based on my availability. It is important to me you are supported in your time of need and I will render my services with the utmost consideration of your situation.

Financial Difficulties

If you are simply experiencing a particularly tough time I am more than happy to talk with you to find a solution which works for both of us, whether that be to create a payment plan or find some other manner of payment for my services.

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