Certified Midwives Assistant/Professional Birth Assistant Services

Basic Certified Midwives Assistant Service as a CMA include:

Typically basic birth assistant services include one to two prenatal appointments with the midwife's client and attendance at the birth for whatever the midwife needs.

Attending the home visit prior to birth is highly recommended so I know the birth place location and familiar with the home ahead of time. A prenatal "in office" appointment is optional and gives the client a chance to meet me before their home visit. Even though the assistant often doesn't have much interaction with the midwife's client this allows for everyone to be comfortable with those who will be present at the birth. Either the home visit or optional prenatal office visit also gives the client an opportunity to ask questions or make arrangements for any other services I offer which they might be interested in.

When to call for attendance at a birth is at the judgment of the midwife and when they feel they will want their secondary person present. When possible the midwife will provide updates when appropriate and able, such as when they're initially called by their client, once present at the birth site and when they believe an assistant will be needed soon.

Last-Minute On-Call Services are also available in the event any midwife finds themselves without their planned student, assistant or secondary midwife. Prenatal appointments or notice ahead of time are not required when requesting last minute assistance. If I'm available then I am happy to assist you!

First Birth 50% Off! - I love the opportunity to work with a midwife I've never attended before and offer 50% off our first birth together. In addition to a discount as a birth assistant I really enjoy the chance to meet with you privately to discuss your practice, go over the equipment commonly used and the opportunity to get to know one another better.

Professionally Trained & Certified as a Midwives Assistant

As a Certified Midwives Assistant I am trained and certified to provide assistance to midwives during births, which includes the following:

Clinical Tasks - I am able to conduct clinical tasks such as obtaining vitals (blood pressure, pulse, fetal heart tones, etc) up to the comfort level of the midwife. Please keep in mind I do not make any assessments when obtaining vitals or performing any clinical tasks requested by the midwife, nor do I do internal exams. It is up to the midwife to interpret the information obtained for herself. No clinical tasks will be performed without being specifically requested by a midwife who is present on site.

Charting - Charting is done in secondary charts I bring with me which are surrendered to the midwife before leaving the premises. This alleviates the difficulties of multiple people charting inside the midwife's official charts or confusion as to what has been written therein. I carry both Labor/Birth and Newborn Charts.

Husbandry & Housecleaning Chores - The usual fair of cleaning up as birth progresses, being generally helpful, and clean up immediate postpartum. While the midwife focuses on mother and baby I take care of the rest. Collecting, washing and disinfecting equipment, prepping for pack-up, starting laundry cycles, trash duty, even loading your gear into your car.

Emergency Preparedness - Training pertinent to handling urgent or emergent situations including medication preparation (drawing common medications carried by midwives), first aid and neonatal resuscitation. Please note that I am ready to phone for emergency medical services but will rely on a midwife to make the judgment call of when and what situations merit dialing 911 for EMS.

Discounted Client Services - Any midwifery clients whose birth I attend as an assistant receive discounts on all of my other services. Other services available to midwifery clients are listed here.

Maintaining Confidentiality - Maintaining confidentiality of both the midwife and her client is of the utmost priority. I will not divulge a midwife's practices, nor discuss how a client's birth went.

Other Certification & Training - I maintain current Neonatal Resuscitation Provider credentials and Health Care Provider CPR/AED with First Aid Certification, in addition to completing basic certifications in Blood-borne Pathogen Training.

Additional non-CMA services offered to Midwives as a general midwifery assistant include office work/office hours, additional prenatal appointments with clients, Phlebotomy (coming soon!), photography at births, childbirth education classes for clients.

Services for Midwives' Clients:
Any midwifery client whom I am attending as an assistant for the midwife receives discounts on all of my services as listed above. **Birth Photography and Labor support services (Doula services) for early/active labor are contingent upon both midwife and client discussion and agreement of expectations.

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