About Kelly Wise... Birth Professional in Phoenix, Arizona.

I am the sole practitioner of Sarenity Wise Birth Service, based out of Phoenix, Arizona and serve as a birth professional throughout the valley.

When I became pregnant with my daughter I began researching my options as an expecting mother and was blown away. Instantly my calling became clear! As I read statistics and stories, watched a number of videos and began asking questions I realized there was a serious need for change in the maternal system and support for laboring women. Here I had no idea women gave birth out of hospitals on purpose, and didn't even know what a doula was! After plenty of research and deliberation my daughter was born beautifully at home under the care of midwives.

With this amazing experience as my inspiration I decided to follow my passion to support, educate and advocate for better birth as a birth professional.

I have received extensive professional training through DONA international and am working towards becoming a Certified Doula with CAPPA. Along side supporting mothers in labor as a doula I am also a Childbirth Educator, Placenta Encapsulation Specialist and Certified Midwives Assistant.

About SArenity Wise Birth Services...

So what's with the weird symbol, you may ask. "SA" is the translated sound from the ancient Egyptian hieroglyph used on the SArenity logo and stands for protection. The ancient hippopotamus goddess Taweret holds the SA symbol, and she is one of the most predominate Ancient Egyptian deities of birth. This fierce goddess was known far and wide in the Egyptian culture as the protectress of pregnant mothers, childbirth and newborns. It is important to hold mothers and children up in this great moment of life, to protect, advocate and empower them and to help mothers find their own voice in order to protect themselves during birth.

Serenity is the goal for each labor I attend. A beautiful experience each family will remember forever as the most amazing day in their shared lives. When a mother and her family is protected, respected and cared for with deep compassion in birth is no greater joy then when welcoming a new baby into their world and hearts.

So it seemed fitting to take both the idea of protection with “SA” and the beauty of serenity and merge the two, having both protection and serenity all in one perfect and meaningful word. SArenity.

SArenity is then paired with Wise Birth Services since it is vital for mothers to become educated in their choices, to research options and have an understanding of the birthing process. One of the best things an expectant mother can do is to prepare for her journey into motherhood. Just as you would prepare for any major event like buying a house or financing a new car for a mother-to-be there are very real benefits when being prepared for birth – So much more than simply picking colors for the nursery! "Wise Birth Services" emphasizes on the practicality of this practice, and balances the spiritual beauty of SArenity.

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